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ECOT combines business and technology for practical skills. Offers hands-on learning, and entrepreneurial mindset and aligns with global trends. Empowers students with theoretical and practical knowledge for academic excellence.

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In Pakistan, higher secondary education is a crucial step for students before enrolling in technical courses. Eligibility for admission is based on the completion of secondary education. Meeting educational criteria ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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In Pakistan, tertiary education is known as undergraduate level, including Bachelor's and Associate's degree programs. To enroll in technical courses, students must have completed this level of education and meet educational criteria for a comprehensive understanding.

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Learn To Earn

"Learn to earn" approach improves earning potential, career prospects, and quality of life by acquiring new skills and knowledge, leading to new opportunities and financial stability. It also helps to build self-efficacy and confidence.

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Passionate about Change Your Career Path?

Following Enabler's pace can open new opportunities and motivate you to pursue a new career path. It may be challenging, but those who are truly passionate will put in the effort to make the change. This heading suggests an individual is actively seeking a new path to success with enthusiasm and dedication.

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For each class, we bring together a varied mix of high-achieving, intellectually gifted students from diverse backgrounds to create an exceptional learning community

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We take pride in collaborating with numerous government and private organizations in our venture to create Pakistan as an eCommerce hub.

Black Berry Kitchen
Argon Tech
Midcity Lahore
The Game Studio
Vilto Technology
Government College University Lahore (GCUL)
Punjab Skills Development Authority
Success Through Skills
Punjab Board of Technical Education

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