Leading Youth towards Advanced Technology

Who We are

A Nationwide Project by Enablers

Enablers College of Technology is an innovative business and tech-based educational platform offering the highest quality education along with practical skills, academic excellence, entrepreneurial activism, and hands-on learning experience in the respective fields adorned with the global trends.

our mission

Enablers College of Technology has a mission to lead advanced technology education in Pakistan by providing skill-based education and practical learning experience to the students and encouraging teachers to better develop themselves for building the youth.

our vision

Enablers College of Technology has the vision to encourage technology in Pakistan and empower the youth through technology-oriented mindsets while bringing a culture where new technology-based start-ups will be created.

our values

We build the environment of the Enablers College of Technology utilizing international educational standards to prepare a broad set of best practices that will transform the future of succeeding generations. At the Enablers College of Technology, we uphold the highest core values to ensure excellence that builds a better future for all.

at ecot, we aim to become:

ECOT focuses on practical knowledge in order to meet future technological advancements. Our interdisciplinary and innovative approaches develop skills in youth that enable them to contribute to international and global educational networks.


hard work



our pathfinders

We’re a team of passionate, dedicated people who have one overreaching goal Your Success is Our Success


Chairman-Enablers College of Technology

Growth is very important for the survival of the fittest for each Pakistani in a tech-based era. This is an era of digitalization and eCommerce businesses, we have to accept the change as early as possible to achieve success. Pakistan is full of talent we have the most incredibly creative brains, and all we need to give our youth a direction and proper guidance to utilize their talent that can help innovations. I feel happy to achieve a milestone of providing youngsters with entrepreneurial skillsets, foreign exposure, and the highest quality education based on international standards. I believe this exposure will make Enablers College of Technology the cradle of entrepreneurship.

Faisal AZHAR

COO-Enablers College of Technology

My vision is to promote entrepreneurial mindsets that can create a profound positive community impact. During my stay in the USA, I realized that the Pakistani youth is full of talent but they lack in choosing the right career path. Just to provide the right direction to choose a career as per their capabilities, we have initiated Enablers College of Technology. Our international standard educational roadmap and advanced technology-based curriculum will help students to become job creators instead of job seekers. By bringing the entrepreneurial revolution we can make a huge impact on our economic growth.

the journey

Enablers is a leading platform enabling youth with skill-based training and hands-on advanced tech learning. With our innovative approach, we have campuses across Pakistan to enable the future of youth through formal education. School of Enablers, the chain of nationwide schools is providing values-based Taleem-o-Tarbiyat and developing the entrepreneurial mind-set of the children. To deliver tech-based quality education, Enablers is all set to bring change through Enablers College of Technology.

A Step Forward to Technology

ECOT offers international standard experiential learning. We are taking pride in shaping job creators instead of job seekers. The purpose is to enable students by providing them with technological exposure, which will open the gates of more than 300 universities all over the world for our students.

Everything We Do Is Focused on 3 Goals
  1. Improve lives through digitization
  2. To drive the entrepreneurial revolution
  3. Make an impact on the world


Enablers College of Technology is a unique tech-savvy platform that aims to improve tech-friendliness and bridge the gap by providing international standard education that transcends borders across Pakistan to children from a young age to inculcate the “beyond the boundaries” approach for the development of a practical entrepreneurial mind-set and absolute tech-based adroitness with clarity of career path.

We, at Enablers College of Technology, are developing role models who are confident in their decision-making in career selection and are already catalysing economics through their enabled leadership.

Enablers, the largest eCommerce network in Pakistan, has trained millions of individuals through its training Certifications and Enabling Video Series, which provide over 200 different income streams. Thousands of people have begun their journey to financial stability, thousands more are well-prepared to take action, and hundreds more are in the process of learning.

Collaboration with

We take pride in collaborating with numerous government and private organizations in our venture to create Pakistan as an eCommerce hub.

Black Berry Kitchen
Argon Tech
Midcity Lahore
The Game Studio
Vilto Technology
Government College University Lahore (GCUL)
Punjab Skills Development Authority
Success Through Skills
Punjab Board of Technical Education