2D & 3D Animation

Learn fundamentals in 2D & 3D Animation Certification including sketching, drawing, still life, basic shapes, colour theory to 2D animation, modelling & texturing models & props.

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Duration: 6 Months


The 3D & 2D Animation Certification is designed to teach students how to create moving three-dimensional images in a digital context and make them expert animators. These visuals are made using 3D software, allowing animators to create computerized objects that look 3D even though they are on a 2D surface. Through visual effects and precise timing, you as animators can make anything from a video game character to a car in an advertisement look like it moving through a three-dimensional space. You will get knowledge of the following by earning this certificate:

  • Create a mood board to organize your ideas
  • Sketch out your ideas
  • Use your sketch as a starting point for an illustration
  • Use basic shapes to create an outline
  • Use the pen tool to create organic shapes
  • Color your illustration
  • Add details
  • Prepare it for animation
  • Import it into After Effects
  • Animate an object's position and adjust its motion path
  • Create masks
  • Animate colours
  • Animate scale and opacity
  • Use the wave warp effect to animate smoke
  • Animate snow (and make it loop!)
  • Render (export) your animation as a .mov, .mp4, or gif file.

Scope of 2D & 3D Animation Certificate The need for qualified 3D animators is growing along with the animation industry. Today, practically every industry needs 3D artists. Businesses now anticipate real-world images and animations to explain concepts and topics due to technological advancements.


  • Intermediate/O/A-level
  • Basic Programming Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills


Lecture Topics
1 Introduction To 2D/3D Animation
2 Visual Graphics Animation
3 Motion Graphics
4 2D Character Rigging
5 2D Character Animation
6 2D Infographic Animation
7 Adobe After Effects
8 Blender
9 3D Character Rigging
10 3D Max
11 Mid Term Paper
12 3D Texture Implementation
13 3D Environment Design
14 Use of Camera in Animation
15 Use of Cinema 4D in Animation
16 Use of 3D Max in Animation
17 Use of Blender in Animation
18 Adobe Advanced Concepts
19 3D Max Advanced Concepts
20 Cinema 4D Tools
21 Cinema 4D Techniques Used in Animation
22 Cinema 4D Advanced Concepts
23 Final Project Presentation
24 Final Term Paper


  • Work with 2D/3D animation using Adobe After effects
  • Work with Blender, 3D Max and Cinema 4D


  • To do 2D/3D animation in blender
  • To become an expert in 3D Max and Cinema 4D
  • To learn about the tools of Adobe After Effects

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