Duration: 6 Months


16 Jan ,2023


This Artificial Intelligence Certification is designed to help you gain proficiency and prepare you for a promising career in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This program covers machine learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and other cutting-edge AI approaches in-depth and entirely online. After completing the program, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and self-assurance needed to debug your code, create your own models free from the limitations of pre-made tools, and develop original models, tools, and algorithms.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

From entry-level to expert job profiles are available with artificial intelligence. If you aim for high-end technical professions, you can become an AI, ML, or data scientist. Alternatively, you may pursue a career as a business analyst, robotics engineer, or computer vision engineer, depending on your interests.


After the completion of this certification, students would be able to:
  • Develop systems using AI
  • Work in Robotics


Lecture Topics
1 Introduction to AI, History and Types
2 Intelligent Agent
3 Problem Solving in AI, AI Algorithms
4 Adversarial Search
5 Knowledge Representation, Knowledge-Based Agent
6 Propositional Logic
7 Rules of Inference
8 The Wumpus World
9 Unification in FOL, Resolution in FOL
10 Reasoning in AI
11 Mid Term Paper
12 Uncertain Knowledge Representation
13 Bayes Theorem in AI
14 Bayesian Belief Network
15 Examples of AI
16 AI in Education, Engineering, and Healthcare
17 Engineering Applications in AI
18 Robotics in AI
19 AI Future, Approaches of AI Learning
20 Subsets of AI
21 Expert Systems, Machine Learning Basics
22 NLB Basics
23 Final Project
24 Final Term Presentation


  • To learn about AI concepts
  • To learn about Robotics in AI


  • Intermediate/O/A-levels
  • Basic Programming Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills

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