Basic IT Skills

In Basic IT Skills Certification, get the basic knowledge of computer hardware and software components, operating systems, and networking and learn working with these components.

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Duration: 1 Month


Basic IT Skills Certification is designed to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge of computer hardware and software components, operating systems, networking and working with these components. This skill is almost needed in every profession as everything is digital nowadays. In this certificate, students will learn the fundamentals of computing including computer basics and organization, common tools and applications, data representations, algorithms, and programming. The focus of the certificate is to develop a good understanding of computing and basic knowledge about how computers are programmed. Scope of Basic IT Skills

System administrators and network administrators are typical jobs that are offered to this skill set. Working in cloud administration or security can benefit from having a system and network skills as well.


  • Matric/Intermediate/O/A-level


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Introduction to Information Technology, Basics of Computer
2 Computer Devices, Computer Hardware and Software
2 3 Number Systems, Operating Systems
4 Desktop Applications
3 5 Basics of Computer Networks
6 Memory I/O, Registers, Cache, Storage Internet Browsers
4 7 Problem Solving, Introduction to Algorithms Basic Programming


  • Display basic Knowledge of computer devices
  • Use Operating Systems
  • Work with computer hardware
  • Use Desktop Applications


  • Identify components of the computer
  • Work with computer hardware and software
  • Use of Operating Systems
  • Internet Browsing

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