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BS Accounting & Finance

  • In Pakistan, tertiary education is known as undergraduate level, including Bachelor's and Associate's degree programs.
  • To enroll in technical courses, students must have completed this level of education and meet educational criteria for a comprehensive understanding.


Course Code Subject Credit Hour
Year – 1
Semester– I
BAF-1101 Principles of Accounting 3
Semester– II
BAF-1201 Financial Accounting 3
Year – 2
Semester– III
BAF-2101 Cost Accounting 3
Semester– IV
BAF-2201 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship 3
BAF-2202 Principles of Finance 3
Year – 3
Semester– V
BAF-3101 Principles of Management 3
BAF-3102 Business Research Methodology 3
BAF-3103 Financial Management 3
BAF-3104 Managerial Accounting 3
BAF-3104P Managerial Accounting 1
BAF-3105 Commercial Law 3
BAF-3201 Principles of Marketing 3
BAF-3202 Business Communication and Report writing 3
BAF-3203 Corporate Law 3
BAF-3204 Income Tax Law 3
BAF-3205 Corporate Governance & Auditing 3
Year – 4
Semester– VII
BAF-4101 Banking Law and Practices 3
BAF-4102 Sales Tax, Custom & Excise Duty 3
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3
BAF-4299 Research Dissertation/Internship 3
BAF-4201 Financial Econometrics 3
BAF-4201P Financial Econometrics 1
BAF-4202 Advanced Financial Accounting (with special reference to IAS/IFRS) 3
Elective III 3
Elective IV 3
BAF-4299 Research Dissertation/Internship 3
Elective Courses
Elective I & II
BAF-4103 Analysis of Financial Statements 3
BAF-4104 Accounting for Special Ventures 3
BAF-4105 Advanced Auditing 3
BAF-4106 Investment & Portfolio Management 3
BAF-4107 Valuation of Financial Derivatives 3
BAF-4108 Insurance & Risk Management 3
Elective III & IV
BAF-4203 Accounting for Corporations & Banking Companies (with special reference to IAS/IFRS) 3
BAF-4204 International Accounting 3
BAF-4205 Accounting Information System (Accounting Software-PEACH Tree) 3
BAF-4206 Credit Analysis and Management 3
BAF-4207 Mechanics of Financial Markets and Institutions 3
BAF-4208 International Financial Management 3
BAF-4209 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 3


  • Intermediate Examination, preferably in Commerce from any recognized Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education or Diploma in Commerce from the Board of Technical Education, or any other equivalent examination.


Total Semesters: 8
Total Subjects: 43
Total Credit Hours: 133
Total Marks Mid Term Marks Sessional Marks Final Exam Marks
100 20 20 60

Note: Department has right to change, withdraw, and swap any of the Elective course anytime without prior notice.

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