BTEC Level-3 Diploma in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Duration: 2 Years | Guided Learning Hours (GLH)—1080


15 Oct ,2022

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BTEC International Diploma- Level 3 is a career-based qualification designed to provide skills to students who need to pursue their higher education in international universities or want to avail employment opportunities. It is undertaken as an educational pathway by sixth-form colleges, schools and students after completion of IGCSE, O-Levels and Matriculation.

Scope of BTEC International Extended Diploma Level-3 in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

This course maintains the same equivalences, benchmarks and any other level 3 qualifications for example A-Level, HSSC, high school diplomas, etc. It teaches to launch a business or work innovatively inside an organization to assist growth. Learn more about the process of identifying and developing new business possibilities, as well as improving your skills and knowledge so that you can capitalize on them and make them successful and profitable.


After the completion of this course, students would be able to:
  • Demonstrate how creativity and innovations are initiated, included and managed in an organization.
  • Have the ability to work and collaborate as a team member and contribute to achieve team goals.
  • Analyze environments of micro and macro business for making effective decision and formulating strategies of business.
  • Increase finance, marketing, business systems and innovative business practice knowledge.
  • Understand multicultural and ethical problem which occurs in business and practice of management.


Sr. No. Unit Title GLH
1 Business Finance—M 90
2 Principles of Management—M 60
3 Enterprise and Entrepreneurs—M 90
4 Marketing Communications in Business 60
Total GLH 300
Sr. No. Unit Title GLH
1 Intrapreneurship and Innovation in an Enterprise—M 90
2 Developing an Enterprise Strategy—M 120
3 Human Resources 60
Total GLH 270
Sr. No. Unit Title GLH
1 Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign—M 90
2 Launch and Run an Enterprise—M 90
3 Sales Techniques and Processes 60
Total GLH 240
Sr. No. Unit Title GLH
1 Business Decision Making—M 120
2 Survival and Growth—M 90
3 Branding 60
Total GLH 270


BTEC is awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognized and benchmarked. On the successful completion of this course, the trainee would get the following benefits:
  • Pursue a higher education on combined courses, also progress to Higher Apprenticeships in areas such as business administration, marketing, accounting, administration, finance, sales or enterprise.
  • Progress directly to employment, however, it is likely that many will do so via higher study.
  • Learn promoting, branding, and visual merchandising from a variety of perspectives.
  • Improve understanding of consumer ethics, as well as lean management and logistical practices.
  • Build your communication, project management, time management and teamwork skills to feel good for what it will be like to be a professional.


  • Level 2-BTEC Qualification in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • O-Levels/Matriculation

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