CISCO Network Administration

Duration: 6 Months


16 Jan ,2023


The CISCO Network Administration Certificate is an entry-level certification that prepares you for a career in IT and network technologies and for a more advanced skill set in such areas as wireless networking, data-centre administration or security.

In this certification, we will be covering both CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) & CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional). After the successful completion of this certification, a candidate can easily install, configure and troubleshoot Cisco Routers and Switches for medium-sized networks and will have the capacity to design, execute, check and investigate neighbourhood and wide-range undertaking Cisco networks.

A Cisco certification can make you more valuable in your organization and on the job market if you’re pursuing a career as a network specialist.


After the completion of this certification, students would be able to:
  • Identify Network Fundamentals
  • Identify and configure LAN switching technologies
  • Describe, implement and verify IP routing technologies
  • Identify and configure WAN technologies
  • Test LAN and WAN arrangements
  • Arrange, build and execute venture exchange arrangements


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Introduction to CCNA
2 2 Network Fundamentals
3 3 LAN Switching Technologies
4 4 Routing Technologies
5 5 WAN Technologies
6 6 Infrastructure Service
7 7 Infrastructure Security
8 8 Infrastructure Management
9 9 Introduction to CCNP
10 10 Routing Fundamentals
11 11 Mid-Term Project
12 12 Redistribution
13 13 Troubleshooting
14 14 OSPF (Part – I)
15 15 OSPF (Part – II)
16 16 EIGRP (Part – I)
17 17 EIGRP (Part – II)
18 18 Route Selection
19 19 BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
20 20 IPV6
21 21 Remote Site Connectivity and DHCP Client
22 22 Router Security and Management
23 23 EtherChannel
24 24 Final Project


  • Ability to perform advanced configurations for routers and services
  • Skill to build and configure enterprise local area networks (LANs)
  • Ability to build and configure enterprise Wide area networks (WANs)
  • Optimize network performance
  • Route redistribution, and tunneling


  • Should know how to operate a mobile and computer
  • Minimum education level Matriculation/O-Level

Mode of Classes:

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