Ecommerce Mastery with Shopify

Get enrolled in Ecommerce Mastery with Shopify Certification to make an online store from the scratch for an eCommerce business and gain a skillset for the industry.

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Duration: 3 Months
30,000 PKR


The Ecommerce Mastery with Shopify Certification is designed to provide the skill set for the eCommerce industry. Currently, eCommerce is booming worldwide. This certificate will help you to make an online store from the scratch for eCommerce. The students will be experiencing digital entrepreneurship and will be able to set up an online business from the scratch and will be learning to develop digital nomads with minimal investments. With an exclusive and efficient structure for planning, this certificate offers a setup and launching of a Shopify website; in a progressive system, to prepare students for a long-term successful eCommerce business. Scope of the Shopify Certification

It is well-suited for developers who are eager to get started or advance in the eCommerce revolution being led by Shopify. Ecommerce developers are in high demand as more people feel at ease making purchases online.


  • 18 years and above
  • Basic knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship, start-ups and marketing
  • Familiar with basic IT Skills


Sr. No. Contents
1 Introduction to Shopify
  • Understanding the basics of e-commerce and Shopify's role
  • Exploring the benefits of using Shopify for your online store
  • Setting up your Shopify account and navigating the platform
2 Shopify Dashboard Management
  • Touring the Shopify dashboard and its key features
  • Managing your store settings and configurations
  • Understanding order management, customer data, and analytics
3 Store Designing using Theme Templates
  • Choosing the right theme for your store
  • Customizing the look and feel of your store with theme templates
  • Optimizing the user experience and mobile responsiveness
4 Custom Page Development using Page Builders
  • Introduction to page builders and their benefits
  • Creating custom pages with drag-and-drop page builders
  • Adding advanced functionalities to your pages
5 Decorating Your Shopify Store
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of your store with branding elements
  • Adding banners, logos, and promotional graphics
  • Creating a cohesive and engaging store layout
6 How to add products/ Listing Creation
  • Adding and organizing products in your Shopify store
  • Configuring product variants, pricing, and inventory management
  • Optimizing product descriptions and images for better conversions
7 Adding Cart and CTA [Call to action]
  • Optimizing the shopping cart experience for customers
  • Implementing effective call-to-action buttons and checkout processes
  • Reducing cart abandonment and improving conversion rates
8 Setting up a Payment Gateway
  • Understanding payment gateways and their integration with Shopify
  • Configuring and securing payment options for your store
  • Managing refunds and handling transactions
9 'Thank You' page
  • Designing a compelling 'Thank You' page for post-purchase engagement
  • Upselling and cross-selling strategies on the 'Thank You' page
  • Leveraging customer feedback and reviews
10 Launch Your Store
  • Pre-launch checklist and preparations
  • Configuring shipping settings and policies
  • Going live with your Shopify store
11 Define Your Business Idea and Niche
  • Identifying your target audience and niche market
  • Conducting market research and competitor analysis
  • Developing a unique selling proposition (USP) for your business
12 SEO for your Shopify page and store, blog page
  • Understanding the importance of SEO for online visibility
  • Optimizing product pages, meta tags, and URLs for search engines
  • Implementing SEO strategies for your blog and content marketing
13 Understand Shopify Drop shipping
  • Exploring the concept of drop shipping and its benefits
  • Integrating drop shipping suppliers with your Shopify store
  • Automating order fulfillment and inventory management
14 Identify the AI Use Cases for Your Shopify Store
  • Discovering how artificial intelligence can enhance your store
  • Exploring AI-powered chatbots, personalization, and recommendation engines
  • Leveraging AI analytics for data-driven decision-making
15 How to Earn After Learning Shopify Mastery Course
  • Exploring various revenue streams and opportunities as a Shopify expert
  • Freelancing and offering Shopify-related services to clients
  • Monetizing your expertise through affiliate marketing, content creation, and training programs


  • Understand eCommerce and the Shopify platform deeply
  • Setup of Shopify store from scratch
  • Build a Shopify store with appropriate themes and outlook selection
  • Integration of apps for Shopify performance
  • Set up the domain name for online business
  • Application of Social Media link with Shopify
  • Set up payment gateways and order record keeping structure.


  • Understand and apply website building using the Shopify platform.
  • Ability to utilise Shopify for any industry eCommerce.
  • Independent and laptop lifestyle through Shopify expertise
  • Setting up a long-term brand with minimum investment
  • Freelance as a Shopify expert.

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