Financial Modeling

In Financial Modelling Certification, get an in-depth understanding of financial planning in an enterprise, and define and develop a resourceful model by understanding the key business processes.

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Duration: 1 Month
10,000 PKR


The Financial Modelling Certification introduces the role of financial modelling in business planning and decision-making. The financial models play a vital role in the decision-making process, be it short-term or long-term. All industries around the world have some kind of financial model which help them to make better decisions for their businesses. During the certificate, you will be provided with an in-depth understanding of financial planning in an enterprise. It will allow the students to define and develop a resourceful model on their own, by understanding the key business processes. Scope of Financial Modelling

Financial modellers are employed by banks, equities research companies, credit rating agencies, and project finance companies. They work in the core area since the output of a financial model is used for financial analysis and decision-making both inside and outside the firm.


  • Minimum 20 years of age
  • Basic knowledge and interest in finance, accounting and management principles
  • Familiar with basic IT Skills


Module Class Topic
1. Introduction   1 Accounting and Finance Fundamentals
2 MS Excel for Financial Models
2. Financial Analysis 3 Financial Analysis Fundamentals
4 Building a 3-Statement Financial Model
3. Financial Model Structure 5 Business Valuation Model
6 Budgeting and Forecasting
4. Presenting Financial Models 7 Visualization, Graphs and Case Study
8 Presenting Financial Information (Project)


  • Understand and identify key financial concepts for decision-making
  • Recognize key features of financial modelling
  • Hold a grip on tips and tools of MS Excel for financial modelling
  • Evaluate financial statements
  • Analyse and perform decision-making through financial modelling.


  • Improved in-depth understanding of the business model.
  • Recognition of key business variables and their role.
  • Facilitation in regular reviews and performance feedback.
  • Identifies capital requirements and key capital structure elements.
  • Aid in minimization of risks and uncertainties.
  • Enhanced and holistic decision-making in business.

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