Freelancing Expert

Freelancing Expert Certification is offering a complete guide for starting a freelancing. If you have completed your Matriculation/O-Levels, have basic IT knowledge and are able to read English, then reserve a seat in online or on-campus classes.

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Duration: 3 Months
19,500 PKR


This Freelancing Expert Certification gives you the step-by-step guide going from zero experience to becoming a Freelancer and having a profitable freelance business or online business, and landing clients you never thought possible. You don't have to be some established professional to start earning money as a Freelancer. But many people just don't know where to start and how to stand out. The certification is set up to guide you through the following procedures:

  • Creating your professional freelance profile
  • Success hack your offer for trust and credibility
  • Building a marketing bidding system
  • Creating a professional management plan
  • Starting to automate your new freelance system


  • Learners must have the Basic IT knowledge
  • Should be able to read English
  • At least Matriculation/O-Level


Sr. No. Contents
1 Introduction to Freelancing
  • An overview of Freelancing
  • Benefits of Freelancing
  • Common Freelance Fields
  • Getting Started as a Freelancer
  • Finding Freelance Opportunities
2 Fiverr: A Complete introduction
  • Introduction to Fiverr
  • How it works?
  • Exploring the platform & Understanding terms
  • Fiverr Keyword Research & Tools
3 Fiverr SEO: Maximizing Visibility & Success
  • Understanding Fiverr gig SEO
  • Increase the likelihood of gigs being found
  • Key components of Fiverr gig SEO
  • Crafting Engaging Title and Description
  • Understanding Fiverr’s algorithm
4 Thumbnail Creation using Canva
  • Importance of thumbnail & CTR
  • Getting started with Canva
  • Choosing the Right template
  • Persuasion elements in thumbnail graphics
5 Introduction to Upwork
  • Exploring Upwork: A leading Freelance Platform
  • How upwork works?
  • Navigating Upwork
  • Crafting an attractive Upwork Profile
6 Proposal writing and Persuasion Tactics
  • Exploring Upwork: A leading Freelance Platform
  • How Upwork works?
  • Navigating Upwork
  • Crafting an attractive Upwork Profile
7 Freelancing on Facebook & Linkedin
  • Facebook profile optimization
  • Page Creation and services listing
  • Finding clients from Facebook Groups
  • Linkedin Profile setup and optimization
  • Finding remote jobs on Linkedin
8 Selling your skills via Meta Ads
  • Facebook BM & Ads Manager
  • Understanding metrics
  • Running Ads on Meta


  • Create a rewarding and profitable freelancing business
  • Create a side hustle or full-time source of income online
  • Leave 9-to-5 for a life of financial, personal, and professional freedom.


  • Build a ROCKSTAR Freelance Profile
  • Find & Closing High-Ticket Clients
  • Develop a Millionaire Mindset

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