Game Development

In Game Development Certification, understand how games are created and designed and gain a skillset to become an expert in the field.

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Duration: 6 Months


The Game Development Certificate is designed to provide knowledge that how games are created and designed. The video game industry is enormous, and those with the necessary technical talents can take a variety of different paths within it.

During this course, students will have the chance to acquire the skillsets necessary to function in the technical framework of the following stage in computer programming through this game development certificate. Students' digital and organizational abilities will build a foundation for thriving in the 21st century. Students will be able to create computer games from the ground up for this certificate. It's the perfect line of work for people who wish to build a career in video games. Scope of Game Development

You can pursue a career in game creation based on your interests because the field's potential is enormous. You can pursue multiple occupations in game design in addition to being a game designer such as Game Animator, Programmer, Level Designer, Digital Animator, Graphics Simulator, QA Game Tester, Game Audio Engineer, Creative Game Director, Game System Designer, 2D and 3D Game Designer, etc.


  • Intermediate/O/A-levels
  • Basic Programming Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Introduction to Unity
2 2 Installation of Unity, Unity Game Objects, Unit and Y Components
3 3 Unity Interface
4 4 Unity 2D Introduction, 2D Sprite Sheet
5 5 Transform and Object Parenting
6 6 Internal Assets
7 7 Unity Scripting
8 8 Variables and Functions, Conventions and Syntax
9 9 Work with Unity Datatypes and Variables
10 10 Work with Unity If-statements Loops and Arrays
11 11 Mid Term Paper
12 12 Unity Classes, Scope and Access Modifiers
13 13 Understanding Collisions
14 14 Understanding Prefabs And Instantiates
15 15 Unity Console
16 16 Unity Sounds
17 17 Materials and Shaders
18 18 Unity Coroutines
19 19 Unity UI Introduction
20 20 UI Buttons Creations
21 21 UI Slider Creation
22 22 UI Text Editing And Formatting
23 23 Final Project
24 24 Final Term Presentation


  • Develop a complete game using Unity
  • Upload Game content store or AppStore
  • Develop games on other game-developing engines.


  • Develop ability to solve problems
  • Improve design abilities
  • Create teamwork abilities

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