Guerilla Marketing for Startups

Guerrilla Marketing Certification is bringing marketing strategies for the stratups in the modern-day marketing world to leave a ‘Wow’ impact on the audiences.

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Duration: 1 Month


The Guerrilla Marketing Certification is specially designed to develop marketing capabilities and techniques with old-school guerrilla marketing skills and to concrete the advertising strategies with ‘Wow’ impacts on the audiences. It is ideal to learn the marketing strategies for startups in the modern-day marketing world. Through guerrilla marketing, there is an opportunity to reach a high audience with a low budget. It is ideal when you have little to no budget and want to learn the best utilization of budgeting, planning and strategy for a shoestring budget. Many of the start-ups push their limits on social media marketing with heavy budgets but still, find low inconsistent results. Scope of Guerrilla Marketing Certificate

Marketers can freely use any unorthodox techniques that draw customers' attention. The marketer ensures that his tactics should surprise consumers and provide the goods to them in an unexpected manner.


  • 18 years and above
  • Basic knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship, start-ups and marketing
  • Familiar with basic IT Skills


Week Class Topic
 1 1 Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing
2 Event Ambush Marketing
2 3
  • Astroturfing
  • Paid Endorsements
  • Buzz
  • Viral Marketing
3 5 Experiential Marketing
  • Grassroots
  • Stealth Marketing
4 7 Street Marketing
8 Final Presentations


  • Understanding and identifying key marketing strategies for advertising
  • Recognizing key features of guerrilla marketing
  • The grip on tips and techniques for low-cost advertising
  • Evaluation of a large number of audiences
  • Analysis and decision-making through all types of guerrilla marketing strategies.


  • Improved in-depth understanding of the marketing plan of the company.
  • Recognition of key variables and their role in reaching large audiences.
  • Facilitation in regular reviews and performance feedback.
  • Identifies low-cost advertising solutions.
  • Minimization of heavy ad-spend costs.
  • Holistic marketing through all types of guerrilla marketing tactics.

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