Level 3 Certificate in AI Programming with Python (TQUK)

Duration: 6 Months


16 Jan ,2023


This qualification is designed to boost skills and power the country’s digital infrastructure forwards as it equips learners with knowledge and skills for Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming specifically with Python.

Learners will cover key areas such as basic python functions, writing scripts, libraries used within python, version control using GITHUB and neural networks which will entail linear algebra and calculus.

This aims to support and drive forward Government and Combined Authorities’ skill gap strategies for digital skills as this qualification encourages individuals to enter a growing sector. The knowledge, skills and behaviours instilled in learners taking this qualification will give them the opportunity to spark the start of their career in the programming industry.

Scope of Level 3 Certificate in AI Programming with Python (RQF)

Successful learners can progress to other qualifications such as:

  • Level 4 Diploma in Software Development
  • Software Development Technician Apprenticeship standard


After the completion of this certification, students would be able to:
  • Write python code that implements Machine Learning algorithms such as linear regression, random forests, and SVMs
  • Utilize the workflow of Machine Learning experts from data collection to deploying models
  • Comprehend what machine learning is and how it is used in the real world
  • Distinguish between supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Save machine learning models to be used by others


Learners must achieve all credits from all mandatory units.
Title Level GLH Credit Value
Calculus Essentials for neural networks 3 20 2
Introduction to Neural networks 4 32 5
Introduction to Python 3 35 4
Introduction to version control using GitHub for Python 4 42 6
Linear Algebra Essentials for Neural Networks 3 31 3
Understand libraries used for Python Programming 3 37 4


Successful learners can apply for job roles such as:
  • Data and AI Consultant
  • AI Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Data science
  • Software Developer.


  1. Learner must have completed grade 10 (16years over)
  2. IT/computer proficiency (will require any IT-related courses or diplomas done and will also be assessed at enrolment)
  3. English proficiency (will require any English-related courses or diplomas done and will also be assessed at enrolment)

Mode of Classes:

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On Campus




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