LinkedIn Pro

LinkedIn Pro Certification is designed to provide the skillset required as a LinkedIn Professional in the corporate social network.

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Duration: 1 Month


This LinkedIn Pro certification is designed to allow students to gain skills for LinkedIn as a professional. Currently, there is a wide market for this platform in the professional industry. The certification helps to understand the fundamentals of the most powerful corporate social network for anyone. The students will experience how to build and navigate around the platform to make a highly noticeable LinkedIn account. The certification aims to develop skills in building digital relationships whether for employment purposes, B2C business management and even B2B management. The certification will offer an exclusive and efficient structure for understanding the features and functionality of LinkedIn for a solid foundation to attract followers and drive engagement.


  • 20 years and above the age
  • Intermediate/O/A-Levels
  • Basic computer knowledge


Week Class Class Detail
1 1
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Application of LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Profile Setup
  • LinkedIn Professional Account
2 3
  • LinkedIn Business Setup
  • Visual Content Presentation
  • Metrics & Measures
3 5
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Professional Groups
  • Audience Engagement Strategies
4 7
  • Fundamentals of LinkedIn Marketing
  • Final Profile Presentations


  • Understanding of LinkedIn as the corporate presentation platform
  • Building your profile as a brand portfolio
  • Learning the essence of making digital relationships
  • Management of resume building and presenting it to the corporate world
  • Making driving and engaging content for the audience
  • Basics of B2B and B2C business management on LinkedIn
  • Fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing for businesses.


  • Define and understand key features of LinkedIn as a professional network.
  • Identify professionals from various industries for networking.
  • Build your own self as a digital brand.
  • Use LinkedIn to scale yourself for better employment opportunities or business footprint.
  • Understand and utilize the features of LinkedIn’s marketing strategy for growth.

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