Mastering English Communication

Enhance language proficiency with this comprehensive course. Develop reading, writing, listening & speaking abilities. Emphasis on vocabulary, creative writing, and mechanics of speech & grammar.

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Duration: 3 Months
30,000 PKR


This course is essentially skills-based, offering students varied opportunities to develop their four language skills-reading, writing listening and speaking. The course materials offer a wide range of text types [literary, discursive, descriptive and factual], followed by learner-centered activities. The course focuses on enlarging students’ vocabulary through word building skills; extensive practice in creative, reflective and academic writing with emphasis on the process of writing process -prewriting, organizing, composing, revising, and editing; developing speaking and listening skills through activities that are overtly built into the material to guide students in their actualization of these skills. They are supported by the inclusion of the mechanics of speech [stress, intonation, phonetics] with grammar [ proper sentence structure, punctuation marks, prepositions] that supports these skills and facilitates in proficiency and accuracy not only in academic but also professional field


  • 18 years and above
  • Basic knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship, start-ups and marketing
  • Familiar with basic IT Skills


Sr. No. Contents
1 Making Introduction
  • Making effective self and peer introductions
  • Talking useful introductory notes
  • Introduction to course outline
  • Introduction to the English Language (all integrated language skills i.e. RS, WS, LS, & SS)
  • Introduction to Basics of Grammar, some important areas which help write correct sentences
  • Proficiency test
2 Grasping the text: Sentence structure
  • Sentences, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences
  • Subject-predicate
  • Practice on Sentence Structure, sequence of sentence
  • Exercise on kinds of Sentences: Declaratives, Interrogatives and Negatives/ Negation.
3 Punctuation
  • Comma, Semicolon, Colon, Apostrophe, Period, Quotation Marks, Exclamation point,
  • Dash, Brackets, Ellipsis mark, Slash.
  • Proper use of punctuation marks in descriptive writing.
4 Paragraph writing I
  • Descriptive paragraphs
  • Narrative paragraphs
  • Limiting the topic and writing topic sentence
  • Finding the controlling idea
  • Selecting and dropping ideas
  • Grouping ideas in plan
  • Writing and reviewing paragraph
5 Paragraph writing: II
  • Compare paragraphs
  • Contrast paragraphs
  • Limiting the topic and writing topic sentence
  • Finding the controlling idea
  • Selecting and dropping ideas
  • Grouping ideas in plan
  • Writing and reviewing paragraph
6 Dialogue development
  • Developing and Adapting Standard Dialogues
  • Presenting and Practicing Standard Dialogue
  • Writing dialogue
7 Letter Writing
  • Format and mechanics of informal letters
  • Types of informal letters
  • Apologies
  • Appreciation and Thank You
  • Congratulations
  • Personal Complaints
  • Invitations
  • Offering Condolences
8 Reading for a Purpose
  • Skimming and Scanning as a tool for effective reading will be introduced.
  • Use extensive and intensive reading materials.
9 Project Presentations Speaking and Presentation Skill
  • Developing Confidence
  • Dealing with stage fright
  • Designing slides for Power point presentation
  • Editing and proof reading
  • Dos and don’ts of effective presentation
  • Power point Presentations will be held
  • The Paper will be submitted for evaluation
10 Final Project Presentations
  • Power point Presentations will be held


  • Enhanced Language Proficiency: They will gain mastery over grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, enabling them to communicate effectively and confidently.
  • Polished Writing Abilities: The course will equip participants with advanced writing techniques, enabling them to craft compelling essays, reports, and creative pieces
  • Confident Public Speaking: They will overcome stage fright, refine their delivery style, and effectively convey their thoughts and messages during presentations, debates, or public speeches.
  • Improved Career Prospects: students will have a competitive edge in various professions, such as journalism, content writing, public relations, teaching, and managerial roles, where effective communication is crucial for success.


  • Enhanced Communication: Mastering English, writing, and speaking skills improves overall communication, allowing individuals to express their ideas clearly and confidently in various settings.
  • Increased Professional Opportunities: A strong command of the English language and effective writing and speaking abilities are highly valued in the job market, leading to better career prospects and advancement opportunities;
  • Improved Academic Performance: Students who master these skills often see a positive impact on their academic performance, as they can articulate their knowledge and thoughts effectively in exams, presentations, and essays.

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