Mobile App Development

Join Mobile App with React Native & Flutter Certification to learn cross-platform mobile applications on android or iPhone through React Native Framework.

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Duration: 3 Months
19,500 PKR


You to build iOS, Web and Android applications and benefit from code reuse cross-platform by using your basic web development knowledge. Flutter & React is an exciting new language backed by Google that allows you to create a native mobile experience on Android, Web and iOS devices through a common easy coding experience. Apps can be developed fast using popular free text editors and testing is fast for iOS, Web and Android - rapid mobile development. This certificate teaches developers at any level to get started with Flutter & React and start coding. You will build cross-platform applications for Android, Web and iOS in Flutter & React. This is a hands-on training certificate. Every Module includes a hands-on project. You will need to successfully finish the project(s) to complete the Specialization. Scope of Mobile App Flutter & React

Because Flutter & React is a framework that enables the development of cross-platform applications, it saves organizations time and money and is in great demand by businesses.


  • Intermediate/O/A-level
  • Basic Programming Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Flutter & React Introduction Flutter & React Setup for Android & iOS
2 2 Flutter & React Basics, Flutter & React Widgets
3 3 Flutter & React Child Layout Widgets
4 4 Flutter & React List View, Grid View and Scaffold Widgets
5 5 Basic Dart Language
7 7 Navigation and Routing
8 8 Flutter & React Animation Widgets
9 9 Flutter & React Database, Working with Firebase as Backend
10 10 Flutter & React Advanced Concepts, Splash screen, Google Maps, Silvers
11 11 Flutter & React Themes, Packages and Rest API


  • Build native mobile apps with Dart and Flutter & React
  • Develop cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile apps without knowing
  • Swift, Objective or Java/ Android
  • Dive deeper into Flutter & React
  • Understand the Firebase options as a backend
  • Create amazingly smooth and performant animations
  • Update your users with cross-platform Push Notifications


  • Familiarity with Dart Basics
  • Create cross-platform iOS and Android apps with the Flutter & React framework
  • Set up a device emulator on your laptop and deploy apps to it
  • Use Flutter & React to create and run iOS and Android apps
  • Explain the architecture and lifecycle of a device app
  • Build layouts to develop the most useful Flutter & React design
  • Write app code that works differently on the different platforms
  • Style your app efficiently using best practices
  • Use stack navigators, drawer navigators and tab navigators to change app scenes

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