Mobile App with React Native

Duration: 11 weeks


01 Sep ,2022

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React Native is a framework that allows writing various high-quality mobile applications. React Native is the solution for strenuous tasks. With this framework, the developers can write the code once and can distribute it on different platforms.

Introduction to React Native framework for constructing mobile phone applications is necessary. React Native equips you to build iOS, Web, and Android applications without rewriting the different codes for several systems.

Scope of Mobile App With React Native

This course teaches young developers at any level to get started with React Native and start coding. You will learn to build cross-platform applications for Android, Web, and iOS in React Native! With this hands-on training course, students will be able to build a complete mobile app. Every Module includes a hands-on project.


After the completion of this course, students would be able to comprehend the following:
  • Build native mobile apps with JavaScript and React
  • Develop cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile apps without knowing Swift, ObjectiveC or Java/ Android
  • Understand the latest Navigation options for new React Native apps
  • Create amazingly smooth and performant animations
  • Update your users with cross-platform Push Notifications


Week Contents
  • What is JavaScript?
  • Adding JavaScript to HTML
  • JavaScript syntax
  • JavaScript events
  • JavaScript classes
  • The HTML Document Object Model
  • JSX
  • Components in React Native
  • State in React Native
  • Styled Components
  • Introducing Styled Components
  • install styled components
  • Practical Examples
  • Views in React Native
  • User Input in React Native
  • React Navigation
  • Installing the native stack navigator library
  • Creating a native stack navigator
  • Practical Examples
  • Configuring the navigator
  • Passing additional props
  • Summary
  • FlatList (Data) Basics
  • Accessing the In-App Developer Menu
  • Debugging IN REACT NATIVE
  • Debugging using a custom JavaScript debugger
6 Mid Term Exam
  • Expo Components
  • Starting the development server of Expo
  • Opening the app on your phone/tablet
  • Initialize a new app
  • Adding an image
  • Practical Examples
  • Redux Basics In React Native
  • Actions and Action Creators
  • Reducers
  • Store
  • Dispatch and Selectors
  • Performance Overview
  • Testing
  • Static Analysis
  • Writing Testable Code
  • Structuring Tests
10 Final Term Project Presentation
11 Final Term Paper


  • JavaScript: React Native lets you build a fully native mobile application using JavaScript.
  • Cross-Platform: React Native lets you write cross-platform native applications using JavaScript in a single code base for both Android and iOS, later then JavaScript is compiled to native code.
  • Community: React Native is backed by a large community of React and React Native developers. So it is easy to find help if you are stuck at some point while developing an application.
  • Development Time: It saves the development time required in building mobile applications for multiple platforms.
  • Cost-Effective: It reduces the cost to build mobile apps for multiple platforms.


  • Learners must have reasonable skills in English Reading, Writing and Listening.
  • Learners must be well versed in the fundamentals of IT.
  • Learners must have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • It is preferable that learners have completed five semesters of BSCS, BSIT or BE Software Engineering to gain maximum out of this course.

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