MS Office Expert

In MS Office Expert Certification, learn to demonstrate their command of all of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint for upcoming academic or professional prospects.

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Duration: 3 Months
30,000 PKR


The MS Office Expert Certification is designed with a curriculum that caters for the needs and demands of the job market. Nowadays, MS Office is the most basic requirement for job profiles. The time-tested practical assignments in this certificate gauge the command of Microsoft Office of each student. This course will make every certified user able to demonstrate their command of all of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint features, preparing them for upcoming academic or professional prospects. With an MS Office certification, you have will have the ability to demonstrate and produce work that is both more effective and productive and of a higher calibre. Scope of MS Office Expert

  • Expertise with MS Office
  • Ability to Create Excellent Charts
  • The capacity to combine data
  • Work flexibility
  • Greater career opportunities


  • Matric /Intermediate/O/A-level
  • Basic Computer Knowledge


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Introduction to Microsoft Office and Applications, Getting Started with MS Word
2 2 Editing a Document, Formatting Text, Paragraphs, Adding Table, Header and Footer
3 3 Drawing Toolbar Word Art, Create Word Macros, Proofing a Document
4 4 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, creating a Presentation, Working with Content, Formatting Text, Adding Content
5 5 Graphics, Tables, Charts, Slide Effects, Printing
7 7 Getting Started with MS Excel, Formulas and Functions
8 8 Editing Features, Working with the Large Workbooks
9 9 Inserting Page Breaks for Printing, Working with Charts
10 10 Working with Database Operations
11 11 Analyzing Data Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts


  • Expert in MS Office Applications
  • Format Documents in MS Word
  • Create Presentations and charts using PowerPoint
  • Make Spreadsheets in MS Excel
  • Intermediate/O/A-level
  • Basic Programming Skills


  • Work with MS word and formatting documents.
  • Create presentations and add graphics using Microsoft PowerPoint and charts
  • Work with MS Excel Functions and formulas and spreadsheets

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