Shopify 2.0

Get enrolled in Shopify 2.0 Certification to make an online store from the scratch for an eCommerce business and gain a skillset for the industry.

(Installment Options Available)

Duration: 1 Month
10,000 PKR


The Shopify 2.0 Certification is designed to provide the skill set for the eCommerce industry. Currently, eCommerce is booming worldwide. This certificate will help you to make an online store from the scratch for eCommerce. The students will be experiencing digital entrepreneurship and will be able to set up an online business from the scratch and will be learning to develop digital nomads with minimal investments. With an exclusive and efficient structure for planning, this certificate offers a setup and launching of a Shopify website; in a progressive system, to prepare students for a long-term successful eCommerce business. Scope of the Shopify Certification

It is well-suited for developers who are eager to get started or advance in the eCommerce revolution being led by Shopify. Ecommerce developers are in high demand as more people feel at ease making purchases online.


  • 18 years and above
  • Basic knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship, start-ups and marketing
  • Familiar with basic IT Skills


Week Class Class Detail
1 1 Introduction to Ecommerce and Shopify
2 Product Hunting and Sourcing
2   3
  • Shopify Initial Setup
  • Theme Selection
4 Store Front
3 5
  • Product Listing
  • Inventory
6 Linking Social Media Platforms (Pixel)
4 7
  • Applications
  • Payments
  • Orders Management
8 Final Shopify Presentations


  • Understand eCommerce and the Shopify platform deeply
  • Setup of Shopify store from scratch
  • Build a Shopify store with appropriate themes and outlook selection
  • Integration of apps for Shopify performance
  • Set up the domain name for online business
  • Application of Social Media link with Shopify
  • Set up payment gateways and order record keeping structure.


  • Understand and apply website building using the Shopify platform.
  • Ability to utilise Shopify for any industry eCommerce.
  • Independent and laptop lifestyle through Shopify expertise
  • Setting up a long-term brand with minimum investment
  • Freelance as a Shopify expert.

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