Web Development

In Web Development Certification, learn to develop effective, less complex and easily manageable websites from scratch, database connections and the ways to make interactive interfaces.

Duration: 3 Months


The Web Development Certificate is designed to teach website development using PHP and CodeIgniter Framework. This certificate will help you leverage CodeIgniter broad compatibility features and simplistic development tools through a blended workshop comprising theory and plenty of hands-on exercises for practical learning. You will learn about the CodeIgniter Framework form, how to connect with the database and how to make websites more interactive, practical, less complex and easily manageable.

By the end of the certificate, you will become a Professional Web Developer and be able to manage and complete PHP projects. If you want to jumpstart your career in Web Development and are a beginner, then this certificate is for you!


  • Matric/O-Level or Intermediate/A-Level
  • Basic Programming Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Introduction to PHP, Variables and Arrays
2 2 Introduction to PHP Functions and Include /Require Keyword
3 3 Introduction to Crud Application in PHP
4 4 Introduction to MVC Architecture
5 5 CodeIgniter Overview and Installation
7 7 Login and Register Feature Implementation
8 8 Implementation of Crud Applications in CodeIgniter
9 9 SMTP Configuration and Email sending in CodeIgniter
10 10 File Uploading Feature in CodeIgniter
11 11 Form Handling in CodeIgniter


  • Knowledge of Basic fundamentals of PHP
  • Getting Familiar with MySql Queries
  • Building crud with PHP
  • Building crud with Codeignitor
  • Sending mail with Codeignitor
  • Dashboard integration ,login and registration with Codeignitor.


  • Understand how to build a website with Core PHP
  • Understand Completely how to Use CodeIgniter for Web Development
  • Use and Apply PHP CodeIgniter for their Next Project
  • Achieve Great Results in Web Development (Mail sending, authentication, file uploading) by Understanding CodeIgniter

Affiliation & Collaboarations