Web Engineering Advanced

Duration: 11 weeks


15 Oct ,2022

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This certificate is designed to give knowledge and understanding of basic programming languages and frameworks for building dynamic web pages. It focuses on applied learning where students will learn programming terminologies, concepts, and best practices and develop the skill of constructing small programs.

Section I

It concentrates on the fundamentals of HTML and web development progressing to CSS. The students will learn to adopt various ways of designing attractive and responsive web pages.

Section II

It begins with prerequisite training for Laravel, specifically the expertise required to install it for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Section III

The last section which is section III focuses on the stepwise details of the Yii framework and MVC software as the art of coding in PHP or other languages can be tedious and cumbersome even for the tiniest task.

Scope of Web Engineering Advanced

The student will be equipped with the expertise of PHP coding and will be practically proficient in developing captivating and alluring web pages using the Laravel and Yii framework by the end of the certificate. This is where Backend Engineering shines. Backend Engineering is the major aspect of Web Engineering and it will be the main focus of this module.


After the completion of this certification, students would be able to comprehend the following:
  • Develop websites powered with Laravel or Yii as the backend as the Backend
  • Build Data-Driven and Complex websites such as Daraz.pk, Pak Wheels and much more.
  • Ability to Design & Architect the backend for your web projects
  • Build maintainable and secure backends for your projects following most good practices.
  • Understand the workings behind web and dynamic websites


Week Contents
  • Introduction to the Certificate
  • How does Web Work? DNS & Client/Server Architecture
  • What is Backend Programming?
  • Introduction to Laravel Folder Structure
  • Introduction to GIT
  • Introduction to Laravel Loose Files
  • PHP OOP Review
  • A Quick Introduction to MVC, the HTTP Verbs, and REST
  • Laravel Routing
  • Laravel Views
  • Laravel Controllers
  • Blade Templating
  • Database & Eloquent
  • Handling User Data
  • File Handling
  • Validation & Form Requests
  • User Authentication
  • Middlewares
  • auth() global helper
  • Blade Authentication Directives
  • Laravel Relationships
  • Gates
  • Policies
  • Notifications
  • Queues & Jobs
  • Laravel Scheduler
6 Mid Term Exam
  • Sessions
  • Caches
  • Logging
  • Observers
  • Writing APIs
  • API Resources
  • Laravel Deployment
  • Introduction to Yii
  • Yii Pages
  • Yii Routing, Controllers & Actions
  • Layouts in Yii
  • Database Access & Manipulation
  • Authentication with Yii
  • File Uploads
  • Use of Gii Tool
  • Yii Deployment
10 Final Term Project Presentation
11 Final Term Paper


  • Students will be able to get a firm grasp over backend development using Laravel & Yii.
  • Students are going to be able to develop complex data-driven applications.
  • Students are going to be able to convert any static website designs into dynamic sites.
  • Students will be able to use the skills they develop during the course to earn through freelance or projects. They can even develop their own projects and earn through them.
  • This course will make students job-ready and employable PHP engineers.


  • Learners must have reasonable skills in English Reading, Writing and Listening.
  • Learners must be well versed in the fundamentals of IT.
  • Learners must have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP native.
  • Learners must have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • It is preferable that learners have completed five semesters of BSCS, BSIT or BE Software Engineering to gain the maximum out of this course.

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