Youtube Automation Bootcamp

Maximize YouTube growth through automation: Learn to schedule content, engage with automated responses, optimize SEO, and create targeted videos. Unlock now!

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Duration: 3 Months
34,500 PKR


Unlock the Power of YouTube Automation: In this comprehensive course, you'll discover the strategies and tools to effectively automate your YouTube presence and maximize your channel's growth. Learn how to streamline content scheduling, engage with your audience through automated responses, optimize video SEO with smart algorithms, and harness data-driven insights for targeted content creation. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, this course will equip you with the knowledge to save time, increase efficiency, and drive organic growth in the dynamic world of YouTube.


  • Matric /O/A-level
  • Basic English Spoken/Writing Skills
  • Basic Computer Skills


Sr. No. Contents
1 Understanding YouTube Automation
  • What’s a faceless YouTube channel
  • Who can do YouTube Automation?
  • English vs Urdu channel
  • RPM vs CPM
  • Concept of CTR and AVD
  • Potential and Benefits of YouTube Automation
  • Zero Investment makes this business model the best
2 Traffic Analysis
  • Browse based
  • Suggestion oriented
  • YouTube Search
  • Other Sources
  • How to target Premium audience
3 9 different Units of YouTube Automation
  • Overview of various Units
  • How every unit is unique
  • Which one should you select(select only one)
4 Unit 1: Skill-Oriented YouTube Automation
  • How to select your niche?
  • How to use a camera?
  • Which mic is better?
  • Can only a mobile phone be used for it?
5 Unit 2: Research based YouTube Automation
  • Niche selection
  • Competitor Research
  • Title selection
  • Script writing
  • Audio(AI vs human audio)
  • Copyright free resources
  • Video editing
  • Thumbnail designing
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and its importance
6 Unit 3: YouTube Shorts Automation
  • How to use AI?
  • Designing Characters via AI?
  • How to use resources in free
7 Unit 4: YouTube Automation via Screen Recording
  • How-to-style videos
  • How to record screen(2 easiest softwares for it)
  • Some unique niches
  • Easiest way to do YouTube Automation
  • Why is this Unit the best?
8 Unit 5: YouTube Automation and Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate with faceless videos
  • Other Affiliates
9 Unit 6: Text to Visuals
  • Examples of Invideo and Pictory
  • What are some restrictions?
  • How to counter demonetization?
10 Unit 7: YouTube Automation & Animation
  • Best AI tools for it
  • Bulk video generation
  • Whiteboard animation vs 2d/3d Animation
  • What is the problem with this Unit?
11 Unit 8: Interviews and POVs
  • Walking Tails
  • Feature Guests
12 Unit 9: Freelancing & YouTube Automation
  • How to sell these services
  • Example of Fiverr and Upwork
  • Direct clients
13 Secret hacks to make your YouTube Automation channel successful
  • Comment Strategy
  • How to do the first upload?
  • Best time for uploading?
  • Pre-monetized vs organic channel?
  • How many videos to upload per month?
  • Things that will destroy your channel
14 FAQs and Outro


  • Create automated YouTube channels
  • Channel Niche research mastery
  • YouTube Shorts Automation
  • Learning Invdieo and Pictory.


  • To develop YouTube Automated Channels with Zero Investment
  • Freelancing through YouTube Automation

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