Youtube Professional Studio

Get enrolled in Professional YouTube Studio to grow your own brand, get more views and subscribers, or start a channel from scratch.

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Duration: 6 Months


If you're looking to grow your own brand, get more subscribers, or start a channel from scratch, Professional YouTube Studio Certification is the perfect certificate for you! This course is specially designed for beginners and professionals to become a master in the art of making YouTube videos and video editing with this mastery certificate.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and the second most visited site after Google and this is the reason why we must use this incredible traffic source to create and build our channel properly so he can generate a passive income for us. Whatever your motivations to start a YouTube channel, you are come to the right place. Scope of Professional YouTube Studio Certification

  • Show creativity and bring change to mainstream YouTube practices
  • Run your own YouTube Channel and become an entrepreneur
  • Start your career as a freelancer and provide services


  • Should know how to operate a mobile and computer
  • Minimum education level Matriculation


Week Lecture Topics
1 1 Video Editing for YouTube (The First Step)
2 2 Premiere Pro Basics
3 3 Video Editing Basics
4 4 Add Style to Your Videos
5 5 Master Video and Audio Transition
6 6 Titles And Graphics
7 7 Learning The Art of Color Grading
8 8 Color Correction
9 9 Add and Adjust Effects
10 10 Video Exporting
11 11 Mid-Term Project
12 12 Introduction to YouTube Fundamentals
13 13 Setting Up Channel and YT Studio
14 14 How To Be Confident in Front of A Camera
15 15 YouTube Equipment
16 16 YouTube Shorts
17 17 Branding Like A Pro
18 18 Metrics to Understand
19 19 YouTube Live
20 20 Learning About SEO Part 1
21 21 Learning About SEO Part 2
22 22 YouTube Tips, Tricks & Strategies
23 23 Influencer Meet Up
24 24 Final Project


  • Build a strong brand identity & a brand style guide for your business
  • Learn the fundamentals of Canva & graphic design while having fun
  • Create animated social media posts & videos.


  • Edit video professionally
  • Create content ideas
  • Grow YouTube Channel
  • Do YouTube SEO

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