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Govt. College University Lahore

Enablers College of Technology is an innovative business and tech-based educational platform founded in collaboration with various international universities offering the highest quality education along with practical skills, academic excellence, entrepreneurial activism, and hands-on learning experience in the respective fields along with international accreditation that is adorned with the global trends.


ECOT offers value added course followed by one month internship for undergraduate students to enhance their professional skills and get more experience about corporate world.

The SEO Certification is designed to teach you the concept behind Google search engine algorithm that you may apply to a career in digital advertising and marketing or online content development.
Get registered for Micro Entrepreneurship Certification, to create an entrepreneurial mindset and skills and develop the capacity to understand the startup industry.
In Web Designing Certificate, learn to start your future path towards developing interactive and professional websites, no matter how little technical knowledge and experience you currently have.
Artificial Intelligence Certification is designed to provide proficiency and prepare you for a promising career in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Social Media Marketing Certificate is designed to help you build the skills required for social media marketing and how to create social media presence using social media platforms.

Admission requirements

  • Intermediate with minimum 50% marks in FSC Medical/FSC Engineering/ICS/DAE
  • A levels/ American High School Diploma must be equivalence certificate to IBCC.

Admission Procedure

Stay on track! Follow these three steps to finish your application and become a student at ECOT.


Visit the campus or our official website to find detailed information regarding our various programmes.


After selecting the programme, students can apply by completing the online form available at enrol now


The application processing fees can be paid online or through bank transfer/Admissions Office. After submission, the candidate will be issued a reference number, admission test date, and date of interview.


The successful candidate will be notified via email, SMS, and portal.


Successful candidates will be required to deposit dues within the deadline to get the registration number and first-semester courses detail.


All the students are expected to attend an orientation session; they are also welcome to collect their timetables from our information desk.


Academic Advising
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Campus Life

Club &

Enablers College of technology provide students with opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities and pursue interests outside of their academic studies. These groups often focus on areas such as Art & Design, Business, Cyber security, and more, allowing students to gain hands-on experience and connect with like-minded individuals.

Annual Sports

A sports gala at a college campus is a major event that brings students, staff, and community members together to celebrate sports and physical fitness. The event typically includes a wide range of activities such as competitive sports matches, fitness challenges, and recreational games, as well as food and entertainment.

Study &
Recreational Trips

Enablers College of technology arranges various study and recreational trips for its students. These trips may include visits to research centers or historical sites, as well as recreational activities such as hiking, and camping are included. The trips are designed to complement the student's academic studies and to provide them with a well-rounded educational experience.

Welcome &
Farewell Events

Enablers College of technology conducts welcome and farewell activities for their students to create a sense of community and belonging among the students. These activities may include orientation programs, welcome parties, and farewell events, which provide students with opportunities to meet their peers and the college staff and to learn about the resources and opportunities available to them.